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Our company vision forces us to see the world as our real potential market. In addition, the strategic location of Peru in the center of South America allows us to efficiently take our production across the continent. Likewise, the existing favorable conditions in Peru to develop high value-added products, such as skilled workforce, low energy costs, free trade agreements with many countries, etc., enable us to expand our operations to the whole world. For this reason, our main brand Sapolio and our secondary brands Dento and Aval have been registered as intellectual property of the company in more than 80 countries.

To achieve our mission we have a team of resident sellers in several countries, as well as travelling sellers who regularly visit our trading partners to provide them with the necessary support to help expand their knowledge about consumer habits and market characteristics.

Finally, we carry out massive advertising campaigns in international cable chains, which transcend borders and reach a large viewing audience in the region.