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The history of Sapolio begins in 1809 in New York City, USA, on the corner of West and Banks streets, in the today exclusive Greenwich Village. This is where David Williams successfully developed and marketed a new polishing soap for household cleaning. Subsequently, one of Williams’ daughters married Enoch Morgan, who kept the business and founded the Enoch Morgan Son’s company.

All this happened while the country was torn apart by the American Civil War. However, the same powerful forces that unleashed vast destruction gave way to a later period of huge growth. The surviving men and women had tempered their character in the heat of battle and millions of them left their comfortable homes to conquer the West. As a result, hundreds of new cities were built and there was a high demand for consumer goods, including Morgan’s soap.

When mass production first began, products were marketed under the name of the companies’ owners, making them difficult to recall. This led to the use of fictitious names, today called trade names. Consequently, in the mid-twentieth century, brands were born that in time would become famous, such as Ivory, Palmolive and Sapolio, the latter in 1869.

On the origin of this particular name, legend says that Morgan requested the assistance of his production manager, who explained that the polishing soap was produced by oil saponification. The today famous Sapolio trade name was born by putting together these two words. In the etymology of the word ‘saponify,’ chemical process by which fat with alkali produces soap, we find something interesting as well. It is said that in ancient Rome there was a Mount Sapo, where animal sacrifices were made. Fat mixed with alkaline volcanic ash, producing a foamy substance that helped wash clothes, now called ‘soap’ (or ‘sapone’ in Italian), thanks to the water that flowed from Mount Sapo.

Enoch Morgan Son’s not only pioneered the use of trade brands but also the use of mass advertising to publicize the unique features of the products they represented. In addition, America was the country best suited for the start of this important activity (advertising) as modern science (they say that in ancient times Pausanias publicized the Greek invasion of Persia by putting advertisements in ports). It was a big country with large population and one single language – necessary conditions for the development of mass communication. Finally, fortune allowed the company to recruit great publicist Arthemas Ward, who developed famous advertising campaigns for Sapolio. such as Spotless Town and many more that left a deep impression in the minds of consumers for generations.

Sapolio not only became one of the most famous products in North America, but also reached, through exports to many other countries including Peru, great reputation in all continents. Likewise, mass advertising was used in many languages and in many countries, thus becoming one leading brand worldwide.
Unfortunately, the fourth generation of the Williams Morgan family made the mistake of not accepting the new presentation of powder polishing soap, which offered greater ease of use to consumers. The argument was that powder reduced entry barriers to competitors, but the company forgot that consumers were, are and will always be the center of all considerations in the world of mass consumption products. This poor decision and others made sales decline, as those of competitors rose precipitously. The situation led to the liquidation of the company in 1949, 140 years after it was founded.

However, several years before its liquidation, Enoch Morgan Son’s delivered licenses to produce Sapolio in several countries where, because of tariff barriers, imports had been prevented. One of them was Peru, through British firm Duncan Fox, owner of the San Jacinto soap company (in Brazil was Industrias Reunidas Matarazzo, in Argentina was Jorge Bell e Hijos, etc.). These licenses outlived the liquidation of the matrix, and in Peru, the Sapolio brand was later acquired by Procter & Gamble, which finally sold it to Intradevco Industrial S.A.

Today, Intradevco Industrial S.A. markets in Peru and 25 other countries a wide range of products under the brand Sapolio, among which are the many aerosols that motivated this article.

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PATITO offers laundry products with over 50 years of presence in Peruvian households.

The ingredients of PATITO detergents guarantee incomparable whites and bright colors. Its formula contains powerful active ingredients that provide maximum whiteness and bright colors, and is gentle to hands.

PATITO Bleach has a high concentration of active ingredients, which guarantees the whitening of clothes. It is also ideal for cleaning and disinfecting the entire household.

PATITO products:

  • Detergents, Lemon and Baby scents
  • Bleach


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AMOR offers a line of laundry auxiliary products, from detergents and softeners –for delicate and fine garments such as baby clothes, blouses or shirts– to stain removers for suits and other clothing.

The wide range of AMOR products makes it easy to wash, iron, remove stains and take care of clothing.

AMOR products:

  • Soft Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Apresto, Easy Ironing
  • Benzine, Dry Cleaning
  • Revive, rinse to restore fabric texture
  • Collars and Cuffs, to remove stains before washing
  • Stain Remover
  • Muñequita Azul, indigo powder for whites and jeans
  • Wash Enhancer
  • Telagard, to waterproof fabric, leather, carpets


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PREMIO is a brand of furniture care products. It provides shine and protection to wood, plastic and metal surfaces of both furniture and appliances. PREMIO products contain the finest ingredients, thus ensuring the preservation and beauty of shelves, tables, computers, refrigerators and other furniture and appliances at home and in the office.

PREMIO products:

  • Spray Furniture Polisher
  • Cream Furniture Polish
  • Oils: Original Formula, Citrus And Red
  • Scratch Cover
  • Cream in Bottle
  • Cream in Spray


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PLATEX is the brand of metal cleaners for silver, gold, pewter, chrome and coated metals that provides perfect cleaning and shine, embellishing jewelry, board games, ornaments, silverware, frames and other metal surfaces.

PLATEX products:

  • Platex Spray Metal Cleaner
  • Platex Liquid Metal Cleaner


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BONCEX is the brand of metal cleaners specially formulated with fine ingredients to protect and polish copper, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals.

BRONCEX products:

  • Broncex Spray Metal Cleaner
  • Broncex Liquid Metal Cleaner


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Marca de detergentes formulados especialmente para garantizar mejores resultados en el lavado, a través del remojo activo. Los puntitos rojos, celestes y azules, contenidos en los detergentes marca RIMAC, son enzimas biológicas que actúan eliminando las manchas más difíciles. Rímac tiene, además, blanqueadores ópticos que devuelven la blancura a sus prendas blancas y brillo a sus prendas de color. A estas cualidades, Rímac suma una alta concentración de tensoactivos que evita que se corte la lavaza aumentando su efectividad y permitiendo lavar más prendas con la misma cantidad de detergente.

Productos de la marca Rímac:

  • Detergente Total
  • Detergente Bebé

Paloma Blanca

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PALOMA BLANCA is one of INTRADEVCO’s brands of cost-effective detergents. It offers spotless whites and bright colors and provides a powerful action against stains and fading thanks to its tri-enzymatic formula, thus guaranteeing excellent results in white and color clothes. It also cares for the environment, as it is biodegradable. It does not contain bleach, so it is gentle to clothes and hands. Ideal for hand and machine washing.


  • Total Detergent
  • Baby Detergent


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Marca de detergentes que ofrece extra blancura en el lavado, gracias a su moderna fórmula con blanqueadores de última generación que no lastiman la ropa ni las manos, porque no contienen lejía. Alpaca acaba con las manchas y los percudidos de las prendas blancas, devolviéndoles su blancura original. Los detergentes Alpaca son ideales para usar en lavadora y en el lavado a mano.
Productos de la marca Alpaca

  • Detergente
  • Detergente Bebé