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History of Intradevco

In the mid-twentieth century, Thomas Fox –a young entrepreneur born in Wisconsin– and Frank de Freire –a young Peruvian engineer– became partners and created in Peru the Interamerican Trade Development Company S.A. (INTRADEVCO S.A.) to manufacture, under license, SC Johnson & Son’s famous household cleaning products. Fifteen years later, they obtained the license from another US company, Sara Lee, to produce the famous Kiwi shoe polish.

Thomas Fox’s experience in the Communications Department of the US Navy and the business energy that both partners had, led them to the manufacture of JVC –a prestigious Japanese corporation– radios and televisions. As a result, INTRADEVCO became one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Peru, with an important turnover and a large number of employees.

Years later, INTRADEVCO would add to its operations the gold mining activity in the Madre de Dios River, for which it built in Brazil a major dredge moved by mule through the Amazon rainforest.

The wide range of activities and the relationship with large prestigious transnational organizations allowed INTRADEVCO to gain great experience and build a solid team, which continues to be part of the company. Political and economic changes in the country between the late 70’s and early 80’s forced INTRADEVCO to reduce its operations by 10% and close the Gold Extraction and Electronics Divisions.

In 1992, encouraged by the new economic and social conditions for investment in Peru, a group of young entrepreneurs acquired INTRADEVCO and gave it a boost by buying Procter & Gamble’s SAPOLIO, a brand that until then was just a polisher powder used for washing kitchenware, utensils and other hard surfaces, but highly regarded in the local market.

A second big crisis hit INTRADEVCO in subsequent years, when SC Johnson & Son ended unexpectedly the production contract it had had with INTRADEVCO for over 50 years, representing more than 80% of total turnover.

Under these circumstances, General Management, with the support and enthusiasm of its technical and commercial staff, decided to make use of the SAPOLIO brand to manufacture other household cleaning products, such as Dishwashing Detergent Paste and Liquid, Powder Laundry Detergent for domestic and industrial use, floor wax, disinfectant, etc., quickly achieving wide acceptance.

In this endeavor, Management decided to venture into the marketing of ORAL CARE products with the DENTO brand, which became a symbol of PERUVIAN PRODUCTS.

INTRADEVCO has subsequently registered other brands such as AVAL and GEOMEN, used to launch personal care products such as shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, etc.

Based on the success of its products, Management initiated a modernization and expansion process of the manufacturing lines, which continues today and allows making new products, all of excellent quality.

Today, INTRADEVCO Industrial S.A. has plants in Peru, Chile and Uruguay and exports its products to over 20 countries. This is an evident sign of the company’s strong will and the value of its brands to participate in the world market.