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The first plant is located in the industrial area of ​​the district of Chorrillos, where it all started 65 years ago. It still has several manufacturing lines, such as shoe polish, floor wax and different cleaning products. It is in this plant that we began making SAPOLIO dishwashing paste and then powder detergent for domestic and industrial use. Currently, these production lines have been moved to the new facilities located in the districts of Lurin and Ventanilla.

In 2000, Management decided to expand by buying a property adjacent to the premises in Chorrillos. That is when we decided to manufacture Personal Care Products and OTC Pharmaceuticals – products that do not require a prescription for marketing. As a result, we developed toothpastes (DENTO), creams, ointments and syrups (Hongofín, Hongotil, Mentolina, Sulfacrem, etc.).

This is how INTRADEVCO’s industrial growth started. Our labs created different formulations for cleaning and personal care products, and we purchased a property in the emerging industrial area of the district of Lurin, an important industrial park today. There, we first made bleach and muriatic acid in 15 000 m2, and then we expanded to 25 000 m2 in order to develop new products. Today, INTRADEVCO has many properties in this area measuring 99 220 m2 altogether.

INTRADEVCO’s growth and development is due in large part to the buying opportunities took by Management, with the approval of the Board. We had the clear objective to grow in the manufacture and marketing of household cleaning products, and therefore missed no chance to purchase equipment and land. All this in a context when many –especially transnational corporations– thought of leaving the country, as economic, political and social conditions were not the best.

We currently have in Lurin an industrial complex consisting of several plants that we have gradually implemented. They are the following:

Aerosol Manufacturing Plant: This plant includes different lines: tinplate container manufacturing, plastic cap injection and aerosol container filling. We can fill over 20 million containers annually; we are for that reason the largest aerosol manufacturing company in Peru and one of the most important in Latin America.

We are currently implementing a new aluminum container manufacturing line, the first in the country.

Tinplate Printing Plant: Because we need to provide ourselves with aerosol containers, we have established a tinplate printing plant. In other words, to manufacture aerosol, we print, cut, roll and weld tin sheets and finally close them by placing the top and the bottom that we also produce.

Plastic Container Plant: Because our many liquid products require containers for presentation and marketing, we have established a plant to manufacture Polyethylene and PET bottles. For this reason, we have also acquired state-of-the-art machinery for both blow molding and cap manufacturing.

Label Printing Plant: To manufacture toothpaste and bottle labels, we have established a flexographic printing plant, where we can prepare our own stereotype plates to print and die-cut labels. For toothpastes, penta-laminate material rolls are printed to manufacture tubes, to which we add the shoulders and caps that we produce in our plastic injection plant.

Toothbrush Plant: This is the only toothbrush manufacturing company in Peru. With state-of-the-art machines, we inject handles in one, two or three colors, place bristles and pack toothbrushes in thermoformed capsules.

Liquid Packing Plant: In Lurin, we also have plants for the production of liquid cleaning products, such as floor cleaners, dishwashing detergents, bleach, muriatic acid and chlorinated products. Our modern packaging machines, integrated in lines, feed, label, fill and seal empty containers and place them in boxes with minimal workforce intervention.

Sulfonation Plant: Also in Lurin, we have implemented a plant for the manufacture of detergent’s active ingredients. For that purpose, we import the mineral oil called alkylbenzene that, combined with the sulfuric anhydride that we produce from sulfur powder, turns into the most important raw material in the manufacture of detergents. With it, we make different cleaning products and detergents in our other plants.

Dishwashing Paste Plant: This plant was initially located in Chorrillos. Because of its growth, it was moved to a new plant in Lurin. We are currently in the process of automation to achieve greater production with reduced operating costs.

Powder Detergent Plant: In an area of ​​approximately 10 000 m2, we have implemented a modern plant for the manufacture and packaging of powder detergents. Our development center is also located here, consisting of large laboratories that sustain our growth.

PET Recycling Plant: PET resin is used to manufacture bottles for mineral water and soft drinks. The wide use of these bottles has become an environmental issue; that is why large industries promote recycling to recover bottles.

Aware of that purpose, we have acquired machinery that allows us to recycle this type of containers, which we obtain in the market from formal collectors. These containers are transformed into flakes that, combined with virgin PET resin, allow us to inject and blow bottles that we use for liquid detergents and cleaners.

In addition to the above-described plants located in Chorrillos and Lurin, INTRADEVCO also has a Detergent Plant in the district of Ventanilla, acquired from UNILEVER. Currently, we manufacture there part of our powder detergents. Thus, INTRADEVCO has two powder detergent plants.

To support continued growth and think forward, we have purchased a land of ​​approximately 12 hectares in the district of Chilca, in the provice of Cañete. We plan to get involved in other types of industry.

(imagen) Lurin Distribution Center