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To become one of the leading manufacturers of mass consumption products in the world, recognized for our high-quality work, constant innovation, environmental responsibility, team spirit, harmony, identity, human development and the benefits that we offer to our employees, the company, the country and the world.

To meet the needs of household cleaning, personal care, and health and nutrition by manufacturing, marketing and selling high-quality, low-price and easy-to-use products, with demand in all socioeconomic strata. All this in order to get return on capital, generate employment, contribute to social and economic development and protect the environment.

Ethics: Doing the right thing on a daily basis.
Integrity: Being transparent and noble towards the company and the law.
Loyalty: Being loyal to the company, the work and Peru.
Dedication: Achieving our goals to perfection.
Determination: Becoming the best at what we do.
Leadership: Focusing our management capacity to inspire and achieve more than expected.