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INTRADEVCO INDUSTRIAL is a company that respects the environment. All of their products are biodegradable and have very low rates of contribution to global warming. In addition, the raw materials used are not among those internationally listed as questionable inputs.

The water resulting from production processes is evaluated by SEDAPAL –when inspection is done– through Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), which is an indicator of organic pollution in water that measures the amount of oxygen needed for the biological degradation of the organic matter that it contains.

Gas emissions are removed by recycling in the same production lines, or filtered at internationally approved levels before release.

Non-hazardous liquid and solid waste is sent to the Huaycoloro landfill by a specialized service providing company. The disposal of hazardous waste is also outsourced, complying with current health regulations. Metal waste is sold to a company for the manufacture of steel products.

Noise pollution is reduced by encapsulating our noisiest equipment.

Production loss and scraps are recycled or donated to various charities.